Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Idaho Poll: 25% support the refuge takeover in Oregon

A latest poll in Idaho suggests a rather surprising level of support for the Bundy rebellion. 25% of the participants expressed some kind of support for the militia. Otherwise, 40% would like federal lands returned to state control. Plurality of respondents, almost a half, however, are opposed to the idea of land transfer.
By Bob Bernick (Idaho Politics Weekly) {

Date = 07 February 2016

Poll: Most Idaho Residents Don't Support Militia Takeover of Oregon Wildlife Refuge

Pollster Dan Jones & Associates finds that 25 percent “strongly” or “somewhat” support the actions of the protesters, who say they want federal lands returned to local control.

Fourteen percent said they have no opinion concerning the standoff.

Asked if federal lands in Idaho should be turned over to state control, Idahoans are split:

48 percent oppose the idea, keep the lands under federal control.

42 percent favor the state taking control of federal lands.

Republicans in Idaho favor taking the federal lands, 51-39 percent.

Democrats are against it, 72-19 percent. }
It's unfortunate that the poll couldn't identify exactly how many strongly support the militia actions and how many only somewhat support. Nevertheless, 25% came as a surprise.

More crucially, the poll reveals nothing on how the issue of federal land plays out along the urban rural divide. The same goes about the support for the refuge takeover. This is a critical omission. If majority of Bundy supporters in the state are concentrated in the countryside, which is quite likely, then this would indicate shocking levels of support for the militia tactics in rural counties.

It's a safe bet that for supporters of the federal government the generalized plurality for the status quo will serve as a reason for complacency. Reality, however, may prove dramatically different.